Meryem K. Talbo

Meryem K. Talbo

Dt.P. MS.c. Ph.D. (c) - she/elle
School of Human Nutrition - McGill University
Managing Editor - McGill Journal of Medicine
President - Macdonald Campus Graduate Students' Society (MCGSS)

Hello! My name is Meryem and I aspire to raise awareness and support for Canadians living with diabetes, with the aim of reducing the impact of the condition on individuals and society.

Find out how I plan on doing that:

Advocating for patient centered care

Patient-centered prioritizes the needs, preferences, and values of the patient. This approach to healthcare focuses on creating a partnership between the patient and clinician WITH THE GOAL TO empower them to have an active role in their own care.

Demistifying Diabetes

The current public knowledge about diabetes is very limited and creates fertile ground for misconceptions and stereotypes. By educating the public and healthcare providers on the realities of diabetes and the latest evidence-based research, I aim to contribute to demystifying diabetes.

Ensuring patient experience is heard

I believe that patient experience is an important factor in the overall quality of healthcare. Ensuring that patient experiences are heard, acknowledged, and validated is a pillar of improved health outcomes, quality of life, and lower diabetes burden.

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